All the information about your business will be right there on your App easily accessible to your customer.

  • Push Notifications

Push Notifications

A Push Notification is a message we send to your customers who have opted in to receive them. It is a way for you to keep your business in the front of your customers mind. The message you send could be information, a special offer, announcments, etc anything that will keep your customer engaged with your business. When your customer touches the notification on their App it will direct them back to the App for more information. (above is an example of what a push notification looks like on an apple phone)

  • Location

On the front page of your App will be a button to click that will take your customer directly to google maps and the directions to your office/shop.

  • Phone number

Your phone number will also be on the front page. So easy for your customers to keep in touch.

  • contact form

Press on another button on the front page and your customer can send you an email directly.

  • About us

All the information about your business can be in one easy access place…..your app

  • Testamonials

Get all your great reviews in one place. People like to know that you have given others good service.

  • Web page

Easy access link will take people straight to your website for even more information.

  • opening hours

Show your business Opening Hours.

  • GPS Coupons

Checking available coupons for your location…

Give me a call today to let me start building an App just like this one to keep your customers coming back.

This is a GPS Coupon that gives the customer a coupon if they are near to your business

  • QR Scanner

QR Code Scanner

We Supply QR Codes so your customers can simply scan the code to instantly download Your App to their Iphone or Android Smart Phones. Plus we can supply a QR code Scanner in your App.

  •  Social Accounts.

Social Accounts

I can add all your Social Media accounts within your app, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Youtube and RSS feeds.

  • Customised Features.

Custom Features

The App Can be customised to suit any business type. For instance a restaurant can have all it’s menu on the app. Or a hairdressers can have a photo gallery for their hairstyles that can be changed without rebuilding the App.

Any links to other sites, blogs, research etc can be incorporated in to your App.

There is also a;

  • Bill calculator
  • mortgage calculator
  • email photos


  • Local New and Events.

We can add a section to your app providing local news and events if required.


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Helping Small Business's around the globe to increase their reach and ability to communicate with their customers instantly. Custom Small Business Apps are the future of Business.

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